Title: "It Happened to a Guy I Know..."
Author: Adam
Author Email:
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash
Pairing:  Parker Riley and ??
Summary: Parker deserves joy. Slight AU for one.. no, two characters.
Disclaimer: The film "Urban Legends" does not belong to author.
Warnings: Bad non-artistic porn. Because Parker needed fun. PWP, no redeeming value. Some very mild bondage, consensual name-calling, m/m sex.  Completely ignoring canon because it sucked. *No* character death mentioned.
Note: Thanks to Leetal for the method, to KittyPooch for the beta.



So we were at this party, right, me and my buddy Parker. And he keeps pawing at my dick, says he wants to do something kinky. We go upstairs to the bathroom, the only room there which wasn't already full of drunk people, and also the only room with a proper lock on it. Bunch of college kids, I don't want them staring at me while I do stuff. While I do Parker.

We get inside, Parker sits on the toilet seat cover, looks at me expectantly. Fuck, what a pretty mouth he has. But he said he wants it kinky, and I'm sorry, but a blow job in the bathroom just isn't kinky enough. Although it makes for a great basic idea...

I tell him to sit down on the floor with his back to the toilet, and lean to tie his hands behind his back. I always carry stuff around in my backpack, comes in handy. Wish I'd brought handcuffs, I have a pair at home, but I didn't think to bring them along. A shoelace would do the same trick, so no problem there. It's just a different atmosphere.

He rubs his face against my chest when I'm over him. I'm trying to reach behind him to get to his wrists; he bites my nipples through the shirt. I want to play with him, but I can't now, not with a bunch of people right outside the door. I promise him a mega-kinky event when I get him outta here, but right now, it's just normal sex with a little something extra.

Parker looks *so pretty* like that, licking his parted lips, looking up at me. He does submissive pretty well, when he wants to, but you can see the smirk, in his eyes and not on his mouth. I trace those sweet lips with a finger, and then push it roughly into his mouth. He just welcomes it, licking all around.

"Slut".  He moans around my finger, and I smile and take out my dick with the other hand.

Parker is a fast talker, but he also loves to be talked to - in a certain way, on certain occasions.

I take my hand from where it's being sucked on and watch him gasp helplessly, trying to follow it. Then I grab his hair and pull his head backwards. He moans again, keeping his mouth open like that scene from "Hair", remember? Where they're in line waiting for the pill to be shoved in their mouths like it's communion bread; Parker is just like this, with this blissful look on his face, waiting for my dick. It's a huge ego trip, which I'm not about to waste.

I shove my cock in his face and he sucks on it, smiling around it, while I tell him quietly what I think about the morals and purity of people who suck other people's cocks in the bathroom in the middle of a party. Every time I tell him what a dirty little whore he is, he groans and it's like this little added bonus to the blow job. Fuck, but he's good at that.

I hear his dog barking right outside the door. I ignore, but Parker's got something to say and he mumbles insistently until I leave his hair alone and he moves back, my cock popping out of his mouth. He stops for a second, licking his lips like he's savouring the taste, then yells, "Hootie! Quiet!"

A moment of quiet, and then he takes my dick back in his mouth and sucks leisurely.

"Glad you're enjoying this," I smile at him and start thrusting harder, loving the whimpery sounds he makes and the fact he spreads his legs inadvertently. The dog resumes barking but I could care less. Just shoving it in, hard, clutching at his hair, groaning and coming, down his throat and over his chin. He tries to swallow, he always does, but there's always some escaping and dribbling on his face. I like the look on him, and I tell him that when I pull out, sitting on the floor next to him and resting my head against the cold tiles.

He smiles at me, content. Sometimes I think that giving pleasure is almost enough for him. But then he tries to rub his thighs together to get some friction on his dick and I recall that this is Parker after all. I reach out and rub his cock and then his hand is on mine - bastard pulled the shoelace free. I squeeze once, kinda roughly, and he groans. Then I get up, collect the shoelace, put it back in the bag, and say matter-of-factly, "Get up; we're going."

"Huh?"  He's not too happy.

"And no one told you to get your hands free, bitch."

Now he's smiling. We're still in the game, it's just gonna be a longer game than planned. He gets up, stretching his arms and back in the small space. I hear the dog trying to scratch his way through the door, and I tell Parker to let little Hootie in. When Parker does, the barking stops, but the dog looks at me funny. We go downstairs, and someone in the living room is babbling on about some murderer running amuck around campus. We just walk out of the door and into my car. We let Hootie in the back seat, and I open the passenger door to let Parker in. I love playing the gentleman with him; no one else ever does. I go in, and we drive away.



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