Title: Playing Tag
Author: Angel in Red
E-mail: redangel618@yahoo.com
Webpage: Like A Bitch http://www.geocities.com/redangel618/index.html
Genre:  Slash/AU
Pairing: mild Clark/Lex
Rating: R
Warnings: There's drugs and implied same sex relationships and lots of confusion.
Disclaimer: Lex owns me.  I mean, I don't own any of the characters.
Summary: "There's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go."
Notes: e. e. cummings is an evil, evil bastard.  POV is as follows, part 1- Lex, part 2- Clark, part 3- Lexa, part 4- Claire. (confused yet?)  Many thanks to Aelora for betaing. If you like it tell me and the series she wants to happen might. Don't you want to make her happy?





Holy shit!  Slam my foot down on the brake and the car screeches to a halt.  Quick glance at Clark and he's doing about as good as I am.  Stare out the window at the car mirroring mine.  Stare at the people mirroring us.  As if cued we all get out of our cars at once.  Walk around to the front.  Stare at the woman in an impeccable suit with dark auburn hair standing almost opposite me.  The woman who *is* me.  The girl next to her leans over a little and
stage whispers.

"Lex, you're hot."  The other Lex winces slightly.

"Thank you for that observation, Claire."

"What she said."  Clark says gesturing to his female counterpart.

"That's nice, Clark."  I say.  The other Lex snorts.

"Well, Dad always did want a boy."  She quips.

"Dad wants a clone."  I reply.  Her lips twist into a smile.

"So, um, Clark..."  Claire starts.  Clark reaches out and taps her arm.

"Tag, you're it."  Claire stares at him for a moment then they're both moving faster than I can see.  Oh, wait there they are.  That blur over by the river.  I already promised I wouldn't ask, so I'm pretending it's normal. I turn back to, well, myself.

"I'm not playing tag."  Fem Lex says. Lexa. Whatever.

"I wasn't going to ask."

"Maybe hide and go seek."  She says.  I crack a grin.

"Do have that huge castle."

"You mean Lionel's compensation?"

"I always thought that was the LuthorCorp Tower."

"He has many compensations."  I mull that over for a while.

"You know whose world we're in?"  I ask.

"Does it matter?"  She replies.  I shrug.

"Not really."  She nods.  There's silence between us as the laughter of the Kents floats by.

"e. e. cummings."  She says.


"That's my explanation for this.  e. e. cummings.  'There's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go.'"

"Ah."  More silence.  "This is quite possibly the most awkward experience I've ever had."

"Getting caught with Bruce Wayne in his garage."  That was the day Bruce and I decided that since we were teenagers we should screw in the backseat of every single one of his cars.  His butler/ guardian caught us about half way through the garage.

"Ok, the second most awkward."

"His butler creeps me out."

"I was kinda afraid his butler would want to join in."  She laughs.

"Bet you went back to his room and jerked off."

"Bet you he closed the door and jerked off."  We're both laughing.

"Wanna take over the company?"  She asks.

"Thought you'd never ask.  Lex Luthor."  I hold out my hand.

"Lex Luthor."  She shakes it.  We look at each other.  "What drugs do you have?"   She inquires.  I like her coping mechanisms.  Should, they're mine.  I turn to my car and open the glove box, pull out my pill case, and walk back to the front of the car.  Oh good.  She's done the same.  Together we open up the cases.  "Shouldn't have quit."  I say.

"What else do we have?"  By the time we've finished emptying the cars, there's enough drugs, alcohol, and junk food to hold a small personal party.  So we spread the blankets on the ground between the cars and crank up the stereos and sit down.  She spills the contents of her case in between us and lines up her half of the drinks to one side.  I do the same. We select our pills.

"Scotch or brandy?" She asks.

"Scotch, please."

*** *** ***
Claire and I looked around, saw nothing else and decided to get back to the Lexes.  Which we should have done sooner, but come on, how many times am I gonna get to hang out with someone just like me? It's dark by the time we get back to the cars.  We should have gotten back sooner.

Lex and Lex are... dancing. I think.  Pressed up real close to one another standing between the cars moving to the music blaring from the stereos.  It's loud with too many guitars and the bass turned up too high.  I glance at Claire.  She looks just as confused as I am.  Turn back to the dancing in the headlights.  They're just kinda *writhing* against each other.  Right arms clasped between them, left arms slung around each other haphazardly.  The music surges and
Lexa arches back.  Their right hands slide down arms till just their hands are clasped.  There's a dark streak down both arms.  Her head is almost touching the ground.  Lex puts an arm around Lexa's waist and pulls her back up.  They slide their hands till they're holding each other's arms again, hand to just before the elbow.  Dark smears of blood pressed up against each other.  And they're writhing swaying dancing moving and it's better than sex watching them.  Not-twins dancing in a not-mirror.  Wonder if they had sex, and wouldn't that be just like jerking off?  Or maybe incest.

"You think we should stop them?"  Claire asks.

"Yeh.  But I don't know how."  I tell her.  She nods and sits down at the edge of the road.  I watch Lex for a moment, and then sit down next to her.  Warm, too warm, hand in mine.  Comfort.  Same. Alien.  Wish we could stay here forever in this place where there are no people.  We checked.  The castle's there and the farm, with two spaceships sitting side-by-side in the storm cellar.  Lex's office had two chairs and two laptops.  Everything here is set up for the four of us to stay.  And just the four of us.  But we won't.  We'll go back to where we belong.  That sucks.  Makes what the Lexes are doing make sense.  They cross arms and hold onto each other's hands and start spinning and laughing like little kids on the playground.  I can see the pills and the bottles of alcohol on the ground.  But you see, they're happy.  Lex is almost never happy.  I wish we could stay.

*** *** ***
We came back.  Spent two weeks in paradise.  Two weeks with Lex and Clark and Claire before coming back to this hell.  I miss him you know.  He was a perfect complement to me.  Just a bit taller, shoulders just a bit broader, bald.  Beautiful.  Alexander indeed.  Lionel is blathering on about something.

"You'd be so much more presentable if you were a man."  Yeah dad.  A man.  I've met him.  He's just like me.  We took too many pills together and drank too much and danced in our own little world.  We screamed at the sky, dad.  And we figured out how to take over your precious company.  Two years max, dad.  Two years and I'll not only own your ass, I'll be able to head LuthorCorp from another dimension.  Rather *we'll* run LuthorCorp.  Lex and me.  LexCorp. And Clark and Claire can play all they want.

"Are you even listening to me, Lex?"  Lionel demands.

"Yes.  You're boring."  A voice from the doorway answers.  Lex walks in and over to the bar.  He pours himself a drink.

"Wh-what?"  Lionel stammers.

"Hello, I'm Lex Luthor and I'll be taking over your company in the next few months."  Lex says sticking out his hand.

"She's Lex."

"Yeh.  I'm Lex too."

"Weren't you just saying how much you wanted me to be a man, dad?" I inquire.

"He didn't really say that."

"Yes, he did.  Ironic, isn't it."  Lex snorts.

"Only slightly."

"What the hell is going on?"

"e. e. cummings has taken over control of reality."  Lex quips sipping my scotch.

"Pour me one."  He does and hands it to me.

"This isn't happening.  It's all those meteor rocks, isn't it?  Or cloning."

"You're getting emotional, dad."  I tell him standing up.  Lex leans against the desk next to me.

"It's such an annoying habit.  I suggest learning to control yourself."  I'm not going to laugh.  Lionel turns and walks out the door.  Lex and I watch him storm down the hall.

"I think I love you."

"If you were a man?  Who does he think he is?"


"I'm screaming the next time I hear that analogy."

"It's a deal."

"To LexCorp."  He says toasting me with his glass.

"To LexCorp."

*** *** ***
I'm not really sure why I'm doing this.  It's just that there's been so much *shit* going on in my life right now.  I want to see him.  Just to know that somewhere there's someone else who gets it.  Who gets me.  Superpowers suck sometimes.  So I knock on the door.  And Mom answers it.  Only she's not my mom, she's Clark's mom.

"Hi, is Clark home?"  I ask and how childish does that sound.  What am I, six?

"Clark, honey."  Mom calls into the house, staring at me like I'll disappear if she doesn't.  It's ok, I feel that way too some days.  Clark comes clattering down the stairs.

"Claire!"  And I'm being hugged.  Picked-up-twirled-around-squeezed- until-it-almost-hurts hugged.  It's nice.

"Hey Clark."  I say into his hair.  One last squeeze and he puts me back on my feet.  He's smiling and looking confused at the same time.

"Why are you here?"  He asks.  I shrug and tap his arm.

"Tag, you're it."  And then I'm running.  Full- speed- wind- flying- out- my- lungs- legs- stretching- and- pumping running for all I'm worth.  It'll be at least two more years till we get to go back. Lex needs to take over the company.  Clark and I need to get out of school.  We've already agreed we're bringing mom and dad with us. It'll be perfect.  And there'll be no secrets, no lies, no need to pretend to be less than what I am.  Because there isn't anyone to hide from there.  Just me and me and Lex and Lex and two moms and two dads.  We can finally sit down and figure out where we're from.  Fiddle around with the spaceship for a while. Drive fast cars and love Lex, my Lex, without anyone ever saying I can't because it's wrong.  And maybe I'll even fly.  I wanna go home!  Because that's what that place is.  The universe next door where there isn't anything that can go wrong.   I wanna just do this forever.  Play with Clark, and hang out with Lex, and just be me.  I can't right now.  Two years.  And I want the time to go by so fast.

"Tag, you're it!"


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