Title: The Morning After
Author: Edie
Author email: edie22@hotmail.com
Author webpage: http://edie22.livejournal.com/
Genre: Real Person Slash, First time, PWP, Drama
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Michael/Tom
Disclaimer: I don't own a whole lot, and if you take away my Michael Shrine I will cry.
Summary: Follows immediately after "The Night Before" Tom has to stay another night so he doesn't see Jamie before the wedding.
Warnings: This is REAL PERSON SLASH! You have been warned. All flames will be laughed at and then framed to laugh at daily. 
Thanks to Sandi and Janet for the wonderful betas. All mistakes left are my own.  Especially for Eisa for sending me Rave
MacBeth and all the work she does.  Feedback makes me happy enough to write more.



The ringing.  Where was that ringing?  The phone?  Michael groaned and stretched an arm to fumble for the handset. 

"Hello?"  His voice muffled by sleep and a pillow.

An entirely too-chipper female voice answered, "Mike? Hi! It's Jamie.  Is Tom still there?"

Michael's eyes flew open.  "Uhh.  Jamie, he's still asleep.  Can I have him call you when he wakes up?"

"Sure!  I'm on the cell, so he can call me on that.  Thanks, Honey! Bye!"

He closed his eyes but didn't hang up the phone right away.  He wondered if he could wake up Tom by moving.  The younger man was snuggled up against his side, an arm thrown carelessly across his chest. 

Michael wasn't sure how to deal with this.  Blame the alcohol.  Blame the porn.  Hell, they hadn't even done anything that bad.  What's a hand job between friends, right?

He struggled to turn.  The arm across him was more like a vise.  A dull ache radiated from behind his eyes to his temples.  Moving hurt.

He cleared his throat and tried, "Tom?"  Nothing.  Michael sighed and dropped the phone back into the cradle. 

He tried louder, "Tom?"  He poked a finger against Tom's muscled arm.  He wiggled.  He couldn't move and now he really needed to go to the bathroom.

Finally, he resorted to shaking and was rewarded with a groan.  "Tom, can you move?"

One hazel eye finally opened.  "What time is it?"

"I have no idea.  I have to take a piss.  Come on.  Move."

Tom scrambled away and Michael was finally able to move enough to get out of the bed.  He made his way across the room and into the bathroom.

He stood at the toilet and pulled his cock from his boxers and let himself go.  Looking in the mirror above the tank, Michael decided he didn't look any different.  Or feel any different.  It could have been his own hand.  It was.  Well, mostly.  Except it wasn't.

He shook his head as he finished and tucked everything away.  He flushed and washed his hands before opening the door.

Tom's eyes were on him immediately.  "You're okay?" 

Michael nodded.  "Jamie called.  She wants you to call her on the cell."

Tom looked away.  "Yeah.  I'd better go to the bathroom first."

Michael moved away from the door and sat at the table that still held a mixture of cups and plates from room service and several empty beer
bottles.  He heard regular noises from the bathroom as he tried to straighten the room.  Bottles went in the trash, dishes on the tray. 

He set the tray outside the door and sat back down at the table.  He heard the toilet flush and the water running before the door opened again.  He could hear Tom make his way over and he watched him sit down.  They both stared at the table.

"We're okay, right, Mike?"  He looked hopefully at the other man.  "I mean… it's not a big deal, right?"

Michael nodded.  "I'm okay if you're okay."  He smiled slightly.

Tom breathed a sigh that was probably relief.  "Good.  Because I might have to stay here again tonight.  I'm not supposed to see Jamie tonight or tomorrow before the ceremony."

"What about your brother?"  Michael tried not to smile.

"He's staying with my parents.  I could stay with them or get my own room, but I just thought…"

"No, no.  It's fine.  I just wasn't sure how that was all working."  Michael wasn't sure if he was going to be able to spend another night
alone with the younger man. 

Tom nodded and stood.  "Better call Jamie back." 

Michael nodded back and stood to rummage through his suitcase for a change of clothes.  He pulled out a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of boxers before crossing to the bathroom to shower and change and give Tom a little privacy on the phone.

He stepped into the tub and adjusted the water.  The hot spray poured over him as he stood there.  He really didn't know what to do.  He really liked Tom.  The flirting, the looks, the everything.  Tom was a great guy and Michael really didn't want to think of him that way. 

Didn't want to imagine what could have happened had either of them had any more to drink.  That skin he'd seen so many times on the set, that smile that Tom couldn't stop smiling.

`No,' thought Michael.  No way was he going to let a half-drunken, ill-advised pseudo circle-jerk change things. 

It could make things awkward on the set, or worse, ruin their friendship.  Michael certainly didn't want anything like that.  He resigned himself to keeping things the way they were, no matter how hot Tom was, or how much he wanted him.

He finished in the shower and turned off the water.  After opening the curtain, he pulled a towel from the rack and dried himself off.  The steam from the shower had fogged up the mirror and the room was stuffy.  Even after drying off, it was still a struggle to get his clothes on.

He finally finished and opened the door.  The cool air of the room felt good and he smiled at Tom as he walked across the room.

"Hey, Tom.  Everything okay with Jamie?"

"Yeah.  She wanted to remind me that I had to pick up something at the store and that the rehearsal was tonight at 7.  And I have to pick up my tux and get my hair cut."

"That's quite a list.  Did you write everything down?"

Michael caught the pillow Tom threw at him.

"Shut up."

They laughed and suddenly everything felt fine again.  The tension just seemed to dissipate. 

"Okay.  Well, I don't have a lot of plans today.  I think I'm going to do some shopping and maybe catch a movie.  I still have to get your wedding gift."

Tom nodded and asked, "You'll be here about nine, right?  I think the rehearsal will be done about then."

"Probably.  But I'll give your name to the front desk so they'll let you into the room anyway."

"Right.  Well I have to head over to my hotel to change and shower before I can start on the list of things to do."

Michael snickered at that, but refrained from calling Tom `whipped.' 

They both stood to go and Michael patted himself down to make sure he had his wallet and room key and they left the room to find the elevator. 

When they got to the lobby, Tom waved as he left and Michael stopped at the front desk to put Tom's name on the room.  A quick trip to the
gift shop and he picked up a hat before heading out.  Maybe he wouldn't get recognized or sunburned.

Michael spent the morning looking at shops and thinking.  He found a nice gift for Jamie and Tom and had it wrapped and sent to her hotel.  After stopping for lunch at a little deli and having a light lunch, he found his way to the local theater and caught a double feature of horror movies.

It was a great, relaxing day.  One like he hadn't had in too long.  Between the show, press, and his friends' seemingly endless stream of
weddings, the summer had been busy.  Too busy.  He wasn't sure he'd get another day like this for a while.

He took a taxi back to his hotel after dinner at an Italian place.  Full and sleepy, he crawled into his bed for a short nap.

Michael woke up to knocking again.  Groaning, he hauled himself out of bed and answered the door.

Tom stood there with his tux over one arm, an overnight bag slung over his shoulder, a shopping bag in his hand, and a huge grin on his face.

"I take it rehearsal went well?"

Tom nodded and pushed past Michael, not even waiting for the invite in.  He dropped the bags and hung the tux in the closet. 

"It was boring.  We all stood around until Jamie's mom ordered us into our places and yelled at us until we got it right.  I thought my poor brother was going to snap."

Michael chuckled.  "If you didn't eat, you can order room service."

"Nah, they had chicken.  Tomorrow, we're having prime rib.  Did you eat?"

They stood around the table in the room, a little awkwardness in their stances.  Michael nodded.

"What's in the bag?"

"Rum.  And some Coke.  A little last-minute party.  What do you say?"

Smiling, Michael wondered to himself if Tom was trying to get him drunk again.

"Sounds good."

Tom set everything down and grabbed the ice bucket.  "I'll go fill this from the machine.  Be back in a minute."

Michael nodded and started pouring as the door closed.  Possibilities ran through his mind, but he refused to let himself dwell on anything sexual.  Tom was getting married tomorrow.  Married.  To a wonderful girl and any flirting was all in his head.

Last night was a fluke.

His personal pep talk had a smile on his face by the time Tom got back in the room.  Drinks in hand, they settled in for a movie.  Michael ordered some light comedy on the pay-per-view and tried not to think about Tom's thigh touching his or the scent of his cologne filling his nose.

By the end of the movie, they'd both had several drinks.  Most of the rum was gone as well as the Coke.

"I think we have had enough to drink."  Michael slurred to Tom.  He patted him on the knee and left his hand there.  Tom looked at the hand and then up to Michael's lips.  He leaned in and kissed Michael hard on the mouth.

Michael pulled back with what he hoped was a shocked look.  "Tom?"

A little breathlessly, he answered, "Yeah, Mike?"

Michael touched his lips with his fingertips and let his tongue snake out to taste Tom there.

"What are you doing?"

"I kissed you."

"Yeah.  I noticed that.  Why?"

"I wanted to."

Michael nodded.  It made complete sense to his alcohol-infused brain.

Tom kept talking, almost like he was afraid if he stopped, Michael might make him stop.  "You're hot, Mike.  This may be my last chance.  I've wanted you for a while now, thought about you.  The way you look at me sometimes, makes me want to just jump you right there."

"Really?"  Michael felt himself start smiling. 

Tom leaned in and kissed him again.  Mouths opened, tongues twisted together.  Hands were on his shoulders and Michael could feel his cock growing hard in his jeans.  The low moaning was his own, he was sure.

Tom pulled back and looked at Michael and grinned, smile shiny and toothy.  "Really," he breathed.   Michael couldn't help but smile back.

"You're sure about this, Tom?  I like you, but I don't want things messed up between us or between you and Jamie."

"I'm sure, Mike.  I don't want it to get weird with us, either.  I won't let it."

"Good," breathed Michael as he leaned in for another kiss.  "Because you're beautiful, Tom.  I really like you.  I find myself thinking about you at inopportune times.  Thinking about those lips…" He brushed a thumb across Tom's bottom lip.

"Thinking about them doing what?"

Michael grabbed Tom's hand and held it against his crotch.  "Touching me here."  His voice was low and gravely, almost a whisper. 

Tom groaned and squeezed gently before dropping to his knees next to the bed.  His fingers worked the button and zipper on Michael's pants, pulling them open and freeing the hard cock within.

"I've thought about it, too, Mike.  Thought about it for a long time."

He leaned down and licked across the head, and grinned at the taste.  Sucking the head into his mouth and running his tongue around, he
closed his eyes. 

"Oh.  God.  Tom.  Have you done this before?  It feels so good.  So hot."

He watched as more of the shaft was engulfed by Tom's lips.  It was all he could do to not thrust into the wet mouth. 

Soon, his entire cock was in Tom's mouth and Michael's hands wound themselves in Tom's hair.  The little grunt from Tom and slight nod of his head was all the encouragement that Michael needed.

"Fuck, Tom."

Eyes looked up and met his and he groaned.  He'd never had a man do this.  It was different.  Tom was sloppy and noisy and he didn't have the breathing down so he didn't move in any kind of rhythm. 

It was still amazing.

When Tom took his balls in his hand, Michael threw his head back and bit his lip.  He couldn't scream, he couldn't cry out.  It was so good.

Tom's other hand was on his hip, pulling him forward.  In his sex-dazed brain, he didn't understand.  He tried to focus and figure out what Tom wanted.  A high-pitched whine escaped from his lips when Tom pulled back.

"Fuck my mouth.  Do it."

Michael couldn't control his hip movement then.  Tom took his cock back into that slick mouth and Michael pushed forward, tentatively. 

At the encouraging movement and accompanying noise, Michael let go and thrust as hard as he dared.  His hips came off the bed and Tom moaned around his cock.  The head hit the back of Tom's throat and he could feel gagging, but he couldn't stop. 

And Tom didn't stop him -- just took it and Michael was so close.

"Tom.  Oh, Christ."  He couldn't have stopped himself if he'd wanted to.  Powerful spasms, tingling in his spine and Michael trembled as he came.  He slumped back on the bed as he slid out of Tom's mouth.

Tom had come all over his mouth and chin.  His come.  The tip of a pink tongue snaked out to lick and Michael groaned.  Leaning forward, he kissed and nibbled Tom's face clean.

Slick tongue pushed between his lips and he was tasting himself and Tom at the same time.  Hot and dirty.  He couldn't help but topple Tom back onto the floor and stretch out on top of him.  Michael rode out the hip thrusts and explored the younger man's mouth deeply.

With the thrusts came the realization that Tom was still hard -- hard for him.  Michael groaned and twisted to the side.  His fingers worked at the fly of Tom's jeans frantically, scrabbling to get inside.

"You're so hard, Tom."

An incoherent noise and a fierce thrust of his hips was the only reply that Michael received.

His fingers finally found their way inside and felt hot flesh through the cotton of Tom's boxers.  A quick yank and he was finally exposed. 

Velvety-soft skin, searing heat, Michael couldn't help but lean down to taste with broad strokes with his tongue, all along the length.  He wrapped his fingers around the base and squeezed gently before stroking once.  The smile on his face was only encouraged by the noise Tom made.

Michael wanted to watch, to see Tom's face and watch him just writhe under his hands.  He built up a rhythm, stroking like he liked himself, twisting his wrist at the end, running his thumb over the head on every other up stroke.

Tom arched his hips, thrusting into Michael's hand.  "Mike, right there.  Uhnh."  The grunt was his only warning.  Tom's cock erupted, shooting all over his chest and covering Michael's fingers.

The sound of their panting filled the room.  Eyes met and smiles stretched across both of their mouths.  Michael absently wiped his hand on the sheets and stood before shucking the rest of his clothes and climbing into the bed.

Tom looked at him and smiled faintly before doing the same.  Strong arms wrapped around him and Michael felt a faint kiss brush across his ear.  Tom wiggled to try to get closer, even though his body was already as close as possible. 

"You okay, Mike?"

"Mm hmm.  Great.  You?"

"Yeah.  Great."

Michael nodded and pulled the blankets over his shoulder.  He snuggled back and slowly drifted off to sleep.



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