Title: The Night Before
Author: Edie
Author email: edie22@hotmail.com
Author webpage: http://edie22.livejournal.com/
Genre: Real Person Slash, First time, PWP, Drama
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Michael/Tom
Disclaimer: I don't own a whole lot, and if you take away my Michael Shrine I will cry.
Summary: Tom wants a simple bachelor party
Warnings: This is REAL PERSON SLASH! You have been warned. All flames will be laughed at and then framed to laugh at daily. 
Notes: For the Fic Challenge set forth by Aelora.  Thanks to Sandi Campbell for the wonderful beta.  All mistakes left are my own.



Michael flipped the security tab on the door and flopped onto the bed.  He was seriously tired of all the traveling and press and just everything.  His whirlwind summer off was almost over and he was more tired now that it was almost over than he had been when it started.

He looked at his watch and thought about what time zone he was in. He'd been in California this morning, recovering from Tom Arnold's wedding.  And bachelor party.  He smiled to himself as he thought about the wild time that had been, with the strippers and the whip. He was pretty sure Welling's bachelor party would be positively tame in comparison.

He picked up the phone and called for room service.  Cheeseburger, fries, strawberry milkshake.  The meals he constantly missed were making him too skinny.  His mom was going to kill him when he saw her in a few weeks for her wedding. 

Michael closed his eyes, planning on only resting them for a few seconds until the food showed up, but found himself startled awake with a loud knock at the door. 

He muttered as he stood, "Coming, coming, Jesus."

Checking the peephole before he opened the door, he was completely surprised by who stood there.  He opened the door and smiled, "Tom? I wasn't expecting…"

Tom grinned at him and held up a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne.  "Up for a little celebration?"

Michael smiled at him before holding the door open wider and checking the hallway for the room service guy.  "I just ordered dinner, if you're hungry we can probably get them to add something."

"Sure, what do they have?  Think I can get a burger or something?"

Michael just pointed at the phone and sat back down on the bed.  "Champagne and burgers?  I'm pretty sure that's not the best combo.  Why don't you get them to bring up some beer with the burgers?"

Tom nodded and spoke into the phone.  Michael tried to find the remote for the TV and started changing channels.  He felt Tom sit next to him on the bed and he looked over and smiled.  "Nervous?"

"About the wedding? Nah.  Well, a little, you know."

Michael nodded and asked, "So what time is the bachelor party?"

Tom looked around, looked down at his watch and gestured at the champagne.  "Now?"

Michael's eyes widened in surprise, "No strippers? No getting smashed and wild?  No waking up the next morning in some girl's hotel room, not sure of what happened? What kind of bachelor party is this going to be?"

Tom laughed.  "Come on, Mike, I don't need any of that.  Besides, Jaimie would kill me if any of that happened.  And you know I'm not like that."

Michael shook his head in disbelief.  "No strippers.  I just don't understand you sometimes, Tom."

"We can go if you want, I just thought I'd rather spend my second to last night as a free man with you."

He caught Tom's eyes and held it for a few seconds until another knock at the door broke the silence and Michael stood quickly to answer it.  "What time does she expect you home, 10:00?" he threw over his shoulder as he opened the door.

The room service guy came in with a huge, covered tray and set it down before handing Michael a bill to sign.  "Thank you, sir." 

Tom rolled his eyes and snickered.   After the guy left, Tom said, "Sir?"  And laughed some more.

"Sure, laugh it up, Welling.  I might just hold your burger hostage over here."  He sat down at the table and started uncovering the plates.  He sniffed loudly before diving into the meal.  Michael was only three bites in before Tom joined him.  They ate in relative silence, just comfortable enough with each other that it didn't
matter until Michael just couldn't resist one more plea for a party.

"Are you sure we can't have some strippers? I bet we could talk them into coming here."

Tom laid his hand on Michael's arm.  "I'm sure.  Let's finish eating, get drunk, order some pay-per-view porn, and sleep.  That's fun, right?"

Michael sighed.  "Fine.  It's your party.  Just don't come crying to me when you feel like you missed out on the naked women."

Tom laughed.  "Are you really hard up for naked women, Mike?"

Michael snorted.  "Have you seen my fan sites?  The women love me."

"Whatever.  Are you done with those fries?"

He pushed his plate closer to Tom, "Have at it."

A couple of hours later, and they'd finished the beer that room service had brought and most of the champagne.  Tom hadn't brought glasses, so they were stuck using the plastic coffee mugs provided by the hotel.  Instead of porn, they'd gotten some comedy that had made them both laugh.  Michael was convinced it was the champagne, because no movie could be that funny.

They were sprawled on the bed in the center of the room.  Both men on their stomachs propped up by pillows, leaning on elbows, watching the television, just comfortable together. 

"See, wasn't this better than what you wanted to do?" Tom asked as he smiled at Michael.

"I think that you want to see just as much as me."  Michael grabbed the remote and started hitting buttons.  "One porno, coming up." 

Tom snorted.  "That's lovely.  Coming up."

"I thought you'd like that.  What do you want to see?  "Sorority Babes Baring All?" Or uhh… What's this?  "The Farmboy Delivers?"  I think we're getting this."

Laughing, Tom nodded.  "What's the plot?"

"I think there's a delivery.  I'm pretty sure that's all the plot they need.  So, pay attention, Tommy, your last breasts as a free man."

The cheesy music started and Michael caught himself giggling.  He glanced over at Tom, and then back at the television.  Torturing the groom-to-be was a lot of fun when he blushed as prettily as Tom. 

Pretty? The hell?

Sure, Tom was attractive, but where had that thought come from?

Michael shook his head slightly, blaming alcohol and insanity, and turned his attention back to the movie.  A tall, dark haired guy was on the screen with a leggy redhead.  She didn't seem to have enough money to pay him and was offering something else. 

He glanced over at Tom out of the corner of his eye.  The other man's cheeks were still a little flushed, his lips were parted slightly and his breathing had changed.  Michael jumped off the bed and padded over to the mini-bar fridge.  He stood there as if deciding what to drink. 

"Hey, Tom"

"Yeah?" The reply seemed too quick.

"Want anything else to drink?"

"Didn't we drink all the beer?"

"Yeah, but there's still rum in here.  And Cokes.  And some vodka and OJ, if you want."

"I'll take a rum and Coke… there's still ice in the bucket I brought, right?"

Yeah, there was ice.  Michael briefly considered dumping it down his pants, but instead threw some in one of the cups from earlier and sloshed some alcohol in with the soda.  Mostly alcohol.  Little bit of soda.

He reached down and adjusted himself before picking up the drinks. He glanced down and hoped that Tom would just assume it was the movie.  When he got to the bed, he handed the drinks to Tom and rolled onto the bed. He took his and sipped it before trying to focus his attention back to the movie. 

Maybe, if he quit thinking about Tom, quit touching him, maybe this would all pass and he could blame the alcohol and movie and just go to sleep.  Lying on his stomach wasn't really helping, though. 

Michael glanced over at Tom again.  Their eyes met, and Michael darted his eyes back to the television as he gulped a large portion of his drink.



"Are you okay?"

"Sure.  Just porn, you know."

"I…uh…yeah.  I don't mind…I mean…"

Michael looked over and Tom had rolled onto his side so he was facing him, but he was looking down at the bedspread, picking at the threads.  Michael dared a glance down to find that Tom was in the same predicament as he was.

Clearing his throat, Michael focused on the wall.  "I could go to the bathroom, and when I get back, we could turn off the movie and go to sleep."

"No!  I mean, I don't want to run you out of your own bed…we could just, uh, do our thing and not worry about whatever."

"Just do our own thing?"

"Sure, I mean, if you want?"

Michael nodded and swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up.  He moved so he was sitting on the edge of the bed facing the television.  He felt the mattress shift and assumed Tom was doing the same thing, but he was careful not to look over at him. 

He cupped himself through his jeans and let his eyes drift close. The noises from the television and the pictures in his own head were the only things he needed.  Carefully, he unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans.  He heard Tom do the same.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he eased his erection from the confines of his underwear and squeezed it gently at the base.  He bit his lower lip to hold in a groan.  He slowly let his hand slide up and down the length once, gathering the pre-cum that had gathered at the head.

Letting go, Michael brought his palm up to his mouth and licked a stripe across it, tasting the slight hint of mustard and the musk he recognized as his own.  He was trying to focus on the movie noises and himself.  He tried not to let the slight gasps and noises coming from Tom affect him. 

He wrapped his hand back around the shaft of his own cock and started to slide his hand back and forth, letting his thumb rub across the head on every other stroke.  He could hear his own breath speed up, and his heart beat faster.

Images flashed in his mind.  At first, he could control it.  He could picture the blonde from the last bachelor party with the large breasts and the girl from his birthday party a few weeks ago. 

But then he felt a hand covering his own and his eyes flew open.  Tom seemed to be staring at the cock gripped in both their hands. Michael knew he was larger than average, but no one had just stared like that before.  He watched Tom's hand move at the pace Michael set.  He glanced over to watch Tom still working his own cock, moving that hand at the same pace.

Michael heard himself moan and he let his eyes close again as he moved his hand faster.  He tried not to let his hips thrust into the fists around his cock, but he couldn't help it.  Of their own mind, it seemed, they matched the rhythm.  Faster and faster until he heard Tom's strangled cry and his own following it.

Sticky, messy hands still moving slowly.  Michael opened his eyes and met Tom's as he pulled his hand from his cock.  He got up, made his way to the bathroom without buttoning his pants, and cleaned up with a warm washcloth before tucking himself away.  He ran a clean one under the water from the sink and brought it out to Tom without
saying anything.

He wasn't really sure what to say.  Was this just a low-numbered circle jerk? Just a friend helping a friend?  Just one guy curious about things before he got married and would feel guilty about something like this?

Michael wasn't sure.  He shrugged, almost to himself, and started to pull the covers back on the bed.  Tom looked at him, but didn't say anything either.  Michael tried not to notice that Tom had already licked his hands clean.  He didn't know what that meant.  He wasn't sure if he should think about it.

He pulled his shirt off and crawled into the bed.  He watched Tom cross the room to the bathroom and drop the cloth in the sink before turning the light out and crawling in on the other side. 

"Everything okay, Michael?"

"Sure, Tom.  Uh…everything okay with you?"


Michael fumbled around on the blankets for the remote and turned the television off.  He turned over on his side, facing away from Tom and relaxed into the pillows.  "Bachelor party okay, then?"

"Sure was.  Good night, Mike."

"Night, Tom."


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