A Two Way Street
Author:  Lizz
Author email: 
Genre:  Slash
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing: Adina/Jimmy
Adina passed out face down on the floor, and woke up facing Jimmy's back on the bed.  What did we miss?
Sadly enough, not mine.
Warnings: Rape issue. New concept.





"Nothing happened, right?"

Jimmy gulped and nodded. He could vividly see Adina on the floor, debauched beauty and wig askew. He knew she wasn't... he knew that she was Adam. He went on anyway. Humping her pretty, perfectly shaped ass until he came.  Lifting the skirt. Knowing Adam would never let him do this but unable to stop. He wished he could blame it on the drugs but he knew it was more than that. Adina got him hard. The second round required lube and a condom, both of which were, of course, easily found in the room which once belonged to Adam, who was slowly waking up. Opening his eyes. Turning his head to look in Jimmy's frightened eyes, and slurring, even then and there, "This is not happening." Jimmy nodded then too. He remembered helping her to bed afterwards. Sleeping by her side. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night to find Adina's dick pushing against his ass. He told her to wait, he said "Adina", and she reacted, but he knew it was Adam just doing what he always did, attempting to bag whatever's in his bed. He held her off, sliding down her body and sucking on her dick like he always wanted to do anyway. Got some lube inside himself and went to kiss her, and she flipped him over and slid her wet, hard dick inside him. And he let her.  He fell asleep with Adam spooning around his back, and woke up alone, in the bed that once was Adam's and now his. He never got a chance to tell her he knew who she was. To tell her he raped his best friend, his big bro.  He swore to never have another drink.

He nodded again.  "No, nothing happened."



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