Title: The Damned - In For The Kill
Author:  Aelora
Author email:  missjedi@fandomchicks.com
Author webpage:
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Pairing: Lex/Emily
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DC Comics and Warner Brothers.  Except for Emily and her father.  They're mine.
Summary: A look into a brief moment of Lex's past.
Warnings: Yes, there is sex in this.  What did you expect??  It's Lex!! 




"The Damned" Series


you say it's all about intention
a chimera in disguise
its about your life, the greed
the loneliness it needs now
just to say you’ve claimed the prize
of letting go...
The Tea Party - Chimera


You come here demanding answers, demanding to know what is so dark and hidden within my past.  What made me the man I am today?  I don’t think you’ll understand any of it.  We could spend the next week here and I could tell you story after story and some you would believe and some you wouldn’t but none of them would make sense to you.  You would try to separate the person I am today with the person I was then.  I won’t let you do that.  Because you have to see and understand and accept one cold, hard fact. 

I am my father’s son… 

Metropolis, 1999 

Everything a Luthor touches becomes tainted, destroyed.  I used to blame my father.  I used to ignore my own guilt by believing it was all him.  But I’m not as blameless as I like to pretend. 

Emily Lockhart was sixteen years old.  She was standing in my father’s office at the LuthorCorp Headquarters in Luthor Towers on the 80th floor, dressed in virginal white.  Her father was with her – a doting father who obviously believed the child beside him hung the moon.  James Lockhart was a West Coast farmer, which translated roughly into hundreds of thousands of acres of untouchable California land packed with crops of vegetables and fruits that fed the majority of the United States.  To be a farmer on the West Coast meant you had to be a millionaire just to think about watering your crops.  The money was apparent on both James and Emily, though he shunned the idea of wearing a suit for a more casual appearance of slacks and a polo.  Emily, on the other hand, in her virginal white, wore a layered chiffon sundress and dainty sandals.  Around her neck was a slim gold chain with a heart locket and tiny seed pearl earrings at her lobes.  She had enormous jade green eyes that watched me curiously as our fathers chatted.  I just smiled in return and said nothing. 

James Lockhart must have done something to piss my father off or I wouldn’t have been there.  To this day, I don’t know what that was. 

My father was explaining that I was on break from Oxford.  The truth was, the headmaster there had finally had it with both me and my father’s money, and I was once again in-between my “educational pursuits”.  I’d already received an earful from my father and didn’t really give a damn.  Now he was threatening to send me to Metropolis University, just to keep an eye on me here in the city.  That thought was less than ideal, but as I said, I really didn’t give a damn. 

“I’m sure Lex wouldn’t mind showing Emily around while we conduct our business,” my father was telling James smoothly.   

He smiled so pleasantly at them both.  I wondered if they saw the wolf in sheep’s clothing or were they as mystified as everyone else?  I watched as his gaze took in the sixteen year old before him a little longer than was necessary.  I made a face as he told her, “It would be entirely boring for you to hang around the office for the next few hours, my dear.  My son would be more than pleased to show you around Metropolis.  That is, if you don’t mind, James?” 

“Of course not.”   

It was all so easy. 

I met my father’s gaze, and it was all there in unspoken words: Make sure that when you return her to her father, she isn’t quite as pristine as he would like her to be.  It was that simple.  And it wasn’t like we hadn’t played this game before.   Be it daughters or wives or bank accounts, my father and I took our turns screwing the competition seven ways to Sunday.  But even I felt the slightest pang of regret over this one.  She was sixteen, for Christ’s Sake!  And looked like she had just walked out of a convent! 

Not that I wasn’t in the least bit interested.  No eighteen year old male could stand there looking at the sweet little virgin dressed in white with the big green eyes that assessed him so frankly without a hint of avarice, and not want to find out what it would feel like to have her long, pale legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her in the back of some dark alleyway.  She was a fucking statutory rape charge waiting to happen, and I was already counting my blessings that criminal charges had a way of not touching me.  Especially when I found that I couldn’t stop staring at her mouth - full, shapely lips that had just a slight natural pout to them and were ruby red without the taint of lipstick.  A mouth that was absolutely meant for blow jobs, which could very well be my first lesson to her for the evening. 

And so I walked over to Emily, hands still shoved in the pockets of my black leather jacket as they had been since I had walked into my father’s office – maybe it was a subconscious way of not having to touch anything or something like that – and I kind of held out my arm to her, waiting for her to take it.  There was a moment when she glanced at her father, as if to say I don’t think this is a good idea, and I almost told her to run, run fast and don’t look back.  But it passed and she placed her hand trustingly on my forearm and behind us I heard my father call out, “Show her a good time, son,” with “good” and “time” only slightly emphasized, as I led her out the door, away from the safety of her father.   

Once we entered the elevator, I leaned against the wall, still holding her arm caught in the crook of my own and said nothing to her as we began our descent.  We stopped at a few floors on the way down, and employees stepped in, recognizing me instantly and crowding together on the other side of the elevator, leaving a nice-sized gap between them and us so that we practically had the entire right side of the box to ourselves.  Emily glanced over at the group beside us and then back at me, but I kept my gaze permanently affixed on the lighted panel in front of me.  I could have turned and swept my eyes over the packed-like-sardines employees and smirked as they huddled even more closely together, trying very hard not to look at me though their curiosity would demand it of them.  But I had grown tired of that little game and didn’t bother with it today. 

When we reached the lobby, the group beside us held back until Emily and I had already exited, and I led her across the red marbled lobby and onto the street.  The valet had my Lamborghini parked beside the curb, engine running, and he held the door open for my “date” to climb in.  I slid into the driver’s side and pulled out into traffic without even bothering to check for coming cars or turning on my blinker.  Beside me, my little virgin gripped the edge of the seat and door with her tiny hands, knuckles almost going as white as her dress as I swerved through traffic.   

“N – nice car,” she almost squeaked, swallowing for a moment against the fear that was blanching the color in her cheeks. 

“Thanks.”  I shifted gears and swerved into the oncoming traffic lane to pass the asshole in front of me, glaring at him through the window as I sped past, then back over into my proper lane. 

“Do you always drive like this?”  Her voice was soft and slightly husky and there was a disbelieving ring to her question. 

“Like what?” 

Emily laughed suddenly, either a release of tension or hysteria.  I wasn’t certain which.  She glanced over at me and I found myself enjoying her smile.  “Like you’re tempting the traffic gods, or something.” 

I shrugged.  “So, I’m an aggressive driver.” 

She laughed again and allowed herself to relax a bit. 

“Are you hungry?” I asked. 

“Food sounds good.” 

“What do you like?” 

“I could do Italian.” 

You could do me a little later, I thought, replying, “I know a great place up on 51st.  Owned by a local mobster.” 

“Why am I not in the least bit surprised by that?” She commented and flashed me a teasing smile. 

I couldn’t help but smile back.  And I tried.  I really did.  Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as she crossed a pair of very long legs, shifting slightly in her seat.  I wondered if she were wearing white panties to match her dress and if she had ever had a man’s hands on them before.  I kept one eye on the road while the other traveled up the length of her, to her full bosom, the creamy tops of which were only slightly hinted at by the tasteful yet teasing cut of the dress.  The pointed tip of the locket seemed to lead the way toward temptation, like a glaring neon sign blinking This way to salvation.  Or something like that.  Licking my lips in anticipation, I forced myself to focus on the road as I turned downtown toward Metropolis’ own Little Italy.  


you say you're all about your virtue
but it's a harlequin of shame
you look around confused by the sound
of intention gone aground now
because it's all about the fame


I can be charming when I want to.  I learned that little trait from my father, one of the many lessons he had taught me in the Luthor School of Hardknocks.  I can change my personality in the blink of an eye, switching from charming and witty to sullen and dangerous.  But for the evening, for Emily, I was all charm.  I flashed her the occasional smile, and I even laughed twice when she said something that was slightly amusing.  I returned her innocent flirtation and once took her hand during dinner and held it.  Dad would have been proud.  She was falling hook, line and sinker throughout the meal, her furtive glances becoming longer as she tossed her honey blonde hair over her shoulder more often, offering the bare skin of her neck to the sharp and deadly teeth of the wolf across the table.  My little virgin sacrifice.  I could have had her after dinner, between dessert and the check, but I bided my time.  I knew how to play this game.  My father had taught me all too well. 

Leading Emily from the restaurant and back to the car, she clung to my arm this time, no dainty touch, no tentative hold this.  She was mine, completely, an all-too-obvious look of utter devotion and admiration in her too-big eyes.  If I had stopped to think about it, it would have made me sick.  But I didn’t think about it.  Instead, I thought about how she smelled like vanilla, and how her skin was very soft and how aroused I had become when she had wrapped her red lips around, and bitten into, each breadstick.  I was tempted to take Emily around to the back alley right then and give her her first few lessons, but I still had plenty of time.  The night was young and I still had quite a bit to show her. 

I took her to my favorite haunt, Club Zero.  As we got out of the car, Emily protested that she was far too young to be allowed in a club, and I didn’t hide my smile at her naivety.  Meeting my friend, and bouncer, Max Kasich, at the door, I slipped him a $100 as we walked in past the crowd gathered outside the entrance.  The music swelled loudly around us as bodies pressed closely together twisted and gyrated to the pulsing sounds.  I glanced down at Emily to see her wide gaze as she attempted to take in everything around her.  She appeared half-frightened, half-awed.  In her white sundress, she looked completely out of place.  But no one would have dared to say anything because she was with me.   

Taking her by the hand, I pulled her through the crowd, which parted like the Red Sea before me, as I led her to the second level bar.  The bartender nodded at me as I reached the counter.  “What do you want to drink?”  I half-shouted at her above the din. 

“Oh.  A diet Coke, please.” 

I looked at her as if she had lost her mind.  Even the bartender appeared as if he might burst into laughter at any moment.  “Emily,” I told her.  “You can have whatever you want.  Your daddy isn’t here right now.” 

She blinked at me for a moment then nodded.  “Yes.  I know.”  She turned to the bartender.  “I’ll have a diet Coke, please.” 

*So much for getting her drunk*, I thought, shrugging at the man across from me. 

He still appeared amused, especially when he asked, “Would you like a cherry with that?” 

I flashed him a perturbed glare as Emily nodded in the affirmative beside me.  He withered a little under my look.  “Same as usual, Mr. Luthor?” He asked. 

I nodded, waiting impatiently as he slid the diet Coke (with two cherries) and apple martini toward us.  Taking them in hand, I led Emily over to a bar table near the railing so that she could look out onto the dance floor.  She climbed up onto the stool and, taking her drink in hand, took a few sips through the straw.  Of course.  I was sitting in Club Zero across from a sixteen year old virgin dressed all in white who was sipping her diet Coke through a wide, purple straw, her full lips perfectly pursed over the opening.  I ran a hand over my head, taking a deep breath as I glanced toward the back door.  It led to an alleyway.  One I had used in the past quite frequently as a matter of fact. 

Emily was saying something that I didn’t catch.  *Focus, Lex*.  I turned back to her.  “Sorry.  I didn’t hear that.” 

“I said this is quite a place,” she reiterated, her eyes dancing.  “I take it you’re a regular?” 

“Whatever gave you that idea?” 

Emily rolled her eyes and shook her head and turned back to her Coke. 

Leaning back against the railing, I took a few swallows of my martini, watching the girl across from me closely.  Her attention was firmly fixed on the dancers below us, a smile occasionally flitting across her face as she watched them.  I figured that fairly soon she would want to dance.  Normally I considered such an activity beneath me but to accomplish the task set before me, I knew I would likely have to give in.   

Again, I found myself wondering what James Lockhart had done to piss my father off and felt momentarily sorry for the unsuspecting victim in front of me.  But business was business, as good old dad would chance to remind me in my moment of conscience, and if James Lockhart was properly devoted to his daughter, any taint on her likely-flawless reputation would throw him off-track long enough for the Luthors to swoop in and bring him down financially.  I had no doubt that Emily’s father was probably saving her for some rich European, to hand her over – unspoiled and naďve as the day she was born – on her eighteenth birthday.  She would live in the lap of luxury for the rest of her days, all because she came to the marriage bed a virgin.  And in the deal, her father would likely acquire some prime vineyards in Italy or France.  Sound harsh?  Unreal?  Well, that’s about as realistic as it gets.  It wouldn’t be the first time I had heard of such a situation occurring, and it sure as hell won’t be the last. 

 “Wanna dance?” 

I shrugged in non-interested acquiescence at the question and watched as Emily slid off of her stool and headed down the stairs as if she were all ready quite familiar with the club around her.  Normally, when forced to dance, I try to grab a position near the edge of the crowd but Emily had another idea all together and led us straight into the middle of it all, where the thick smell of too-much perfume, sweat, and cloves all mixed together into a nauseating combination.  Some fast-moving techno beat was playing around us and I watched appreciatively as Emily began moving her body to it.  All sixteen year old teenage girls can dance, and she was no exception.  It’s part of evolution, I believe, that all girls are born with the innate knowledge of how to turn a guy on with a simple swivel of the hips.  They know how to do this instinctively, even if they have no actual clue as to its true purpose.  In the end, it’s why many an unsuspecting girl is eventually referred to as a “tease”.    

Emily would have been labeled a tease if I didn’t already have plans for taking care of that.  She worked it well too – brushing her body against mine at just the appropriate moments before stepping away, moving in such a way that all my mind could conjure were images of sex.  The worst of it was, she truly didn’t realize what she was doing.  She would smile up at me occasionally, but usually her attention was elsewhere as she would watch the other dancers around us and attempted to mimic their moves.  I liked to think that I had already captured her through my charm over dinner, but obviously her interest since then had waned. 

Or Emily was beginning to catch on.   

Either way, I was beyond biding my time, and I reached my hands out to grab her around the waist and pull her hips hard against mine.  Emily looked up at me with those innocent orbs of hers, a little panicked at first, and why not?  I was hard as a fucking rock by that point.  She attempted to pull away just once, but when I held her to me she finally seemed to give in and relax, peering up at me as if in resignation.  She was cute.  I mean, I doubt that had we met under different circumstances I would have given her much more than a passing glance.  Emily Lockhart simply wasn’t my type.  But tonight, that didn’t matter. 

“You seem to have a lot of admirers,” she commented. 

I followed her gaze into the crowd where I could see the usual half dozen or so girls who were here every night, watching me.  I shrugged in indifference and glanced back down at her.  Our hips were moving in sync and I allowed my hands to travel down her back to cup her ass and pull her closer.   

“They know who I am,” I replied blandly.  “They know who my father is.  They’re drawn to the money.  Don’t you get the same with boys who know who your father is?” 

Emily laughed slightly.  “At the school I attend, there are kids of much wealthier parents than my dad, trust me.”  Her eyes swept back out to the crowd as if she was unable to meet my own.  “Aside from school, I don’t leave home much.” 

Not enough experience yet to become one of the jaded, I thought.  It won’t be much longer now, sweeting.


She turned back to me.  I took that moment to lean in for a kiss, just a quick brush of my lips across hers, a simple teasing taste and nothing more.  The flavor of Cola still lingered on her mouth.  I felt her start beneath my touch and when I straightened, she was regarding me curiously. 

“Why did you do that?” She asked. 

I almost laughed.  Instead, I bent down to her ear and whispered, “Because I wanted to.”  Meeting her gaze, I flashed a smug smile. 

“Lex,” she began, a quicksilver flash of fear glinting in her eyes.  “Perhaps you should take me back to my hotel…” 

Never show fear, I thought.  Didn’t your father teach you anything

“Why?”  I asked curiously.  “Didn’t you like it when I kissed you?” 

“It’s not that,” Emily denied, staring at the front of my shirt as if it were particularly fascinating.  “I just… I… “ 

She trailed off and said nothing more.  I knew she was giving in.  Victory was close at hand.  Taking advantage of that, I swept in for another kiss, lingering much longer this time, waiting for Emily to respond to me.  When I felt her lean into it, I slipped my tongue against her lips, pushing past into her mouth, where I teased her palette and tongue playfully.  She stiffened at first and then relaxed into it, tentatively returning the touch.  That was when I pulled away.  I smiled down at her upturned face, her eyes still closed, until she finally opened them and looked at me, an expression of disappointment flashing across her gaze. 

Without another word, I took her hand in mine and pulled her through the crowd.  Emily stumbled after me, tugging a little in an attempt to pull away, but I didn’t let go until we were out the door and I motioned to the valet to bring my car around. 

“Where are we going?” Emily asked. 

Naďve much, I almost asked.  Shoving my hands in my pockets, I glanced at the car as it pulled up in front of us.  “My place.” 

Silence.  I looked over at my shoulder at Emily and she just stood there, staring at me as if uncomprehending.  Finally, in a small voice, “Oh.” 

I wondered if she even realized she had the option to say no.  Not that I was going to inform her of that or anything.  I walked over to the car and opened the passenger door.  When she didn’t move, I said, “Emily.” 

Emily blinked as if coming out of a trance then walked forward.  As she moved past me to slide into the seat, I reached out and brushed the backs of my knuckles over her collarbone.  She shivered slightly beneath the touch and I flashed a predatory smile.  I’m good at those. 

Traffic had lessened and we made it to the apartment building within minutes.  The valet took the car from me, and the doorman greeted us as he held the door open that led into the marbled foyer.  Taking Emily’s hand in mine, I led her through the lobby to the private elevator that led to the penthouse suites.  When it opened, I pulled her inside and, as the door closed, leaned in for another kiss.  Sure enough, she was slowly growing bolder beneath my constant ministrations, her arms winding around my shoulders and holding me to her as we kissed.  This time her tongue met mine and tentatively stroked against me before I drew her lower lip in between my teeth and sucked at it momentarily before letting it, and her, go. 

The door opened and I walked out into the hall, forcing her to follow me to the penthouse.  Saying nothing more to her, I entered, taking off my jacket and tossing it to the couch as I walked over to the bar.  I heard the door shut but didn’t bother looking up.  By now, I figured she was beginning to feel both frustrated by my behavior and curious over the sensations I was forcing her to feel.  I poured two glasses of brandy and finally turned, holding one out to her. 

Emily didn’t appear prepared to take it, but I pushed it toward her again until she finally reached out and cradled it in her hand.  “What is it?” 

“Brandy.”  I took a sip of mine, watching her.  “It’ll help you to relax.” 

She looked up at that.  “I don’t need to relax.” 

I half-laughed.  “Uh-huh.  That’s why you look like a tightly wound band ready to snap at any moment.”  I moved closer to her and, moving my mouth against her cheek, whispered, “I don’t bite, Em.” 

Not hard anyway.  The image of the wolf came back to me and as I straightened, I leered at her for a moment before moving over to the couch to sit down.  After a moment, Emily followed, taking a small taste of the brandy, making a face when she did so, then taking another.  She sat down beside me, though obviously poised to take flight when needed.  Smiling against my glass, I began a simple conversation with her, discussing mundane subjects like school and California and her visit here to Metropolis.  When she finally leaned back against the couch, I moved my hand behind her and gently began caressing the nape of her neck.  She visibly began to relax as my touch and the brandy took over. 

Taking her glass, I set both on the coffee table, then moved closer to Emily, one hand settling against her waist while the other moved over her shoulders.  I placed a kiss at the corner of her mouth, tasting the hint of brandy there, moving across her cheek in slow, gentle kisses until I felt her hands flutter up against my chest, where they lay unmoving.  I drew the lobe of an ear into my mouth, sucking at it lightly before tracing the delicate shell with my tongue.  The hand at her waist drew upwards, over her arm, across her shoulder, down to the area just above her left breast.  Her heart was beating rapidly beneath my touch, her breath against my cheek had deepened.   

“Do you like this?” I whispered into Emily’s ear. 

“Ummm… Mmmhmmm.” 

I smiled, moving my mouth back down her neck where I nipped at the skin, then pulled it into my mouth, sucking at it hungrily.  A whimper escaped her and my hand moved slowly down her breast, barely touching, just brushing over the fabric, before returning to her waist.  I kissed my way back up over her jaw and to her mouth where I lingered over her lips for the next few minutes, devouring her mouth into my own. 

“Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” I told her quietly as I stood, my hands moving to hold hers and pull her to her feet.  She swayed a little unsteadily, and I held her there for a moment, kissing her forehead, before taking her hand and leading her into the bedroom where I switched the light on to its lowest setting. 

“Lex, I shouldn’t be here,” Emily said in protest but her tone was less than convincing.  

I ignored her words, leading her over to the bed where I sat down and pulled her between my legs.  Reaching up, I brushed my fingers through her hair, tucking it behind an ear.  My other hand settled against her hip.  “I thought you liked what I was doing to you,” I said quietly. 

She nodded, staring at me, her pupils large in the dim light.  “I did.” 

“Then what’s the problem?”  Winding my hand around the back of her neck, settling it deeply in her thick, honey-blonde curls, I pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her hard.  She responded, as I knew she would, and I let go, settling back to meet her eyes.  “We’ll only do what you enjoy,” I promised.  “Whenever you want to stop, just let me know.  Okay?” 

The trick was, never to let her find a point that she wanted to stop.  I truly did plan on only doing what she would enjoy – and she would enjoy all of it.  Of that I had no doubt. 

My mouth closed over hers before she could speak another word, my hand reaching behind her neck, pulling her down to me. Moving my lips against hers, exploring, inviting her to do the same, and when she began to follow my lead, I cupped the back of her head, my fingers sliding tantalizingly against her nape while I allowed my free hands to begin sensually stroking her back.

I kissed her endlessly, taking my time as she relaxed under my touch.  Long, practiced, drugging kisses that I knew would shake her to the core of her being and make her want more and more. My tongue traced the line between her lips, coaxing them to part once more for me, then I plunged inward, retreating, tormenting and teasing her until Emily, whimpering softly beneath my mouth, began returning the strokes, tormenting me in her own innocent manner. The instant she did so, the kiss exploded. My hand shifted, curving around her ass, pulling her tightly against my hips, while my tongue continued to ravage her mouth. I waited patiently while Emily, obviously driven by pure instinct and the pleasure that I was sending through her veins, moved against me, sighing into my mouth.

Rolling us both over so that my body covered hers, I moved my hand up along her hips, across her rib cage to her breast where I allowed it to still for just a moment when she stiffened beneath my touch. I continued to kiss her until she relaxed once more, and then my hand cupped her breast, circling the nipple through the fabric of her sundress with my thumb until it hardened into a tight bud against my palm. I kissed her temple, her eyes and her cheek, nuzzling her neck as my hand continued its exploration of her full breasts, her uncertainty quickly being replaced by desire as she moved her hips against me rhythmically. I trailed my mouth down her neck to her breastbone, where my fingers gently tugged at the straps of her dress, exposing her breasts to my gaze. She trembled slightly beneath me, her gaze unable to meet mine, color suffusing her face. I smiled at her timidity, eager to wipe it away. Brushing my hands lightly across her breasts, I watched as her nipples hardened beneath my touch, before bending over to capture one between my lips, suckling gently as Emily gasped underneath me.

It wasn’t long before I felt her fingers wrap around the nape of my neck, pulling me closer to her breast and when I nipped her lightly with my teeth, caressing the orb with my tongue, her whole body twisted against mine in rising need. Pulling away from her, I sat up, straddling her hips, lifting her up to me where I held her while slipping the straps of her gown from her arms, completely baring her torso, the lowlight casting shadows across her pale flesh. My fingers trailed down her arm and she shivered beneath my touch, her eyes rising to mine. I kind of smiled at her, slowly, before leaning over and once more capturing a nipple between my lips.  Emily moaned low in the back of her throat, and my body reacted instantly to the sound.

"Lex… " She spoke my name in a half-whisper, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and crushing herself to me, her desire obviously pushing away any previous inhibitions. Responding to the evident need in her voice, I smoothed my hands over her bare back before moving around to cup her breasts once more. Pushing her back down to the bed, my mouth and tongue moving down her face and neck, back to her breasts where I suckled and teased until Emily was writhing restlessly beneath me. Freeing one hand, I continued down her belly, pushing her dress past her hips, my hand finally sliding beneath the satin panties, cupping the warmth between her thighs. She stiffened at the intimate touch, clamping her legs together, wildly shaking her head.

"Shhhh," I whispered against her breast, coaxing her to relax, moving my mouth back up to kiss her lips softly as I slowly began to move my hand against her, gently but relentlessly caressing her most sensitive place, my fingers probing the moist heat of her, seeking entrance. "Trust me," I whispered, trying very hard not to smile, before leaning down to once more suckle at a breast.

Slowly, the rigidity left her and Emily’s thighs parted beneath my hand. I continued to stroke her until she began to arch her hips against me, signaling her need. Breathing lightly against the nipple I had been suckling, I moved down her body, placing soft kisses along her stomach, teasing her belly button with my tongue before I removed her panties and dress, sliding them over her hips and down her long legs. Lifting one leg, I kissed the ankle while my hand caressed the calf, lips trailing along it to her knee where I nipped at a sensitive spot causing her to jerk within my hold. Continued upward, I licked at the inside of her thighs until I came to the juncture between her legs. She seemed prepared to tense once more but I continued to caress her slowly, gently, kissing her abdomen until I heard a low, desire-hungry moan escape her lips. Parting the slick folds, I took her with my mouth. Laving at her with my tongue, teasing the already swollen nub as Emily bucked beneath me, her attempts at stifling her cries failing. I burrowed my tongue deeply within her, leaving no part of her unmolested, before taking the nub into my mouth and suckling at it until I felt Emily's muscles begin to clench around me. I continued on in a relentless manner until her orgasm consumed her, rippling through her limbs while she shuddered beneath me, gasps of pleasure and surprise escaping her mouth.

Her breathing was hard and fast as I moved back up over her body, my lips finding hers once more, covering them with my kiss, allowing her to taste herself. Her hands wrapped around the back of my head, and I had to fight the impulse to stiffen beneath her touch as she pulled me to her. Without removing my mouth from hers, I reached down and worked at the button and zipper of my trousers, releasing my hardened length against her, poising at the entrance to her body.  Instinctively my body knew that it would be the first to enter the soft body beneath it, and I was forced to take a deep breath and not simply ravish Emily like a barbarian.

Pulling away from her mouth, my gaze captured hers. "Take my hands, Emily." She did; I stretched them above her head, holding them there, clasped within my own. "Open yourself to me." Her eyes widening, she did as I asked without a sound.

Her breath coming in frightened, shallow little pants Emily kept her eyes riveted on me, as if watching me provided her with the reassurance and comfort she needed. Moving my hips as slowly as my desire would allow, I penetrated her a fraction with each stroke, pushing ever so slightly deeper into her tight warmth until I found the barrier that blocked further entrance. Lifting her hips in my hands, I withdrew almost completely before covering her with my own. Holding her there, I drove swiftly forward into her. Emily’s body arched and a whimper of pain escaped her mouth against mine but she did not struggle, thank God. With painstaking slowness that was currently killing me, I began to move within her, plunging gently then retreating to plunge again as she began to rock with me.

Her hands moved to my shoulders where they clutched at me, her nails biting into my skin as she strained towards me, pressing herself to my thrusts.  I glanced at her once, finding that she was still watching me, almost seeking approval.  I attempted to flash a smile at her, but I doubt it came out as much more than a grimace as her tight warmth continued to pull at me, drawing me into her soft body.  Beneath me, Emily arched suddenly, throwing her head back against the pillow, baring her neck.  The wolf swept in, biting none-too-gently at the pale skin and she cried out in surprise, her nails pushing further into my shoulders.  Suddenly, Emily began shuddering beneath me as spasms racked her body, causing her to cry out and arch up, hard, against me. The moment she did, I drove myself fiercely into her with pounding thrusts, lifting her hips into my hands once more to hold her to me.  Within moments my body erupted, spilling into her welcoming warmth as my body shook from the force of it. Convulsions of pleasure were still racking me as I lifted my weight from Emily and laid down beside her.

I fucked her twice more that night, as well as teaching her the finer points to giving a blow job, which she did with just the skill I expected out of that dangerous mouth of hers before Emily finally fell into an exhausted sleep beside me.  Laying there, staring up at the ceiling, I found myself thinking Well, dad, mission accomplished.

It was just after dawn when I climbed out of bed, slipped my trousers on and entered the front room to pour myself a drink.  I wondered how long Emily would sleep.  I was supposed to be meeting Victoria for some luncheon her father was throwing and then we were catching a plane for a three day trip to Napa.  I wanted plenty of time to drop Emily off at LuthorCorp and speak briefly with my father.  With drink in hand, I moved over to look out the French doors at the garden terrace and the waking city beyond.  The sex had been good, more so than expected actually.  It was really a shame I’d never see her again. 

I don’t know how long I stood there before I heard Emily enter the room.  Without turning I greeted, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” came her soft voice, just a hint of timidity that still existed. 

I looked at her in the window.  She was holding the sheet wrapped tightly around her body.  I smirked slightly before turning to face her.  “You’re welcome to take a quick shower before I take you back to daddy.”

Emily frowned at that, glancing down at the floor for a moment.  “Lex, I… “  A long pause.

“What?” I prompted, taking a sip of scotch.

She seemed to take a deep breath and draw herself up, meeting my eyes once more.  “I was hoping… I mean, I was wondering… about last night, and what you… well, what we did… “  Another pause.  I realized she was waiting for me to rescue her.

Deciding to give her that much, I responded, “You were wondering what?  That I was going to take you out and buy you a big, gaudy ring this morning?” The smirk came back.

Emily shook her head instantly.  “No.  I… That’s not what I meant.”

Swallowing back the last of my scotch, I set the glass back on the bar and walked over to her, hands shoved in my pockets.  “What do you think last night was all about?” I asked her bluntly.

“I don’t know,” came the reply, those too-wide eyes scanning my face for an uncomfortable moment.  “I like you, Lex.  A lot.  I thought – “

Shaking my head, I cut her off.  “What you felt, Em, was desire.  Nothing more.  I put it there, on purpose, so that I could bring you back here and fuck you senseless.  What do you think of that?”

Her mouth opened once before closing, and she looked away.  I found myself praying that there wouldn’t be some sudden outburst of tears.  I couldn’t handle it when females cried.  It was like some false mechanism of theirs to make men fall down at their feet, begging for forgiveness for whatever transgression they had done.  Tears meant little beyond a headache to me.

Surprisingly, Emily didn’t cry.  She just stood there.

Innocence was gone.  Effectively destroyed, crushed, buried beneath the all-powerful Luthor Empire.  I condoned my actions by telling myself that she would be better off for it, that I had simply opened her eyes to the real world and maybe next time she wouldn’t be so willing.  Maybe next time she would spot the wolf before he bit into that succulent flesh and took all that she didn’t realize she was willing to offer.  Someday she might even thank me and maybe at that time we could share another night together, a night that was more about fun than it was about duty and family and power and money.  And maybe I would let her teach me something. 

“Don’t take it so hard, Em,” I told her, brushing past her to move into the kitchen and glance into the refrigerator, which was expectedly empty.  “You’ve got a great body and quite a bit of promise in the sack.”

“You bastard.”

Now that I hadn’t been expecting.  Turning to face her, I found that the hurt had been replaced by a surprising amount of anger.  Interesting.  Perhaps Emily Lockhart wasn’t such a hopeless case, after all.

Shrugging, I commented, “Maybe if your daddy hadn’t kept you so sheltered, you would have walked into the situation with your eyes open last night.  Then you might have kept your legs closed.”

I ducked barely in time as the Ming vase slammed into the cabinet behind me.  I said nothing as she ran off into the bedroom.  I didn’t have to stand there for very long before Emily returned, fully dressed, hurrying for the door.  She stopped and suddenly swung around to face me.

“I feel sorry for you, Lex,” she told me and I rolled my eyes, formulating a reply when she continued, “I really do.  You’re one of the loneliest human beings I have ever had the misfortune to meet.  And this behavior of yours only compounds that.  You’re too afraid to admit that you might need or want someone in your life so you resort to casual flings as a way to always have someone there beside you, while at the same time making certain they never grow too close to realize how vulnerable you truly are.  You want to hurt them before they hurt you.  It’s a fairly pitiable sight to witness, I have to tell you.  One of these days you’re going to wake up and realize that one of those people you chased away was the one person in life who could ever really understand you.  And then you’ll truly be alone.”

She was gone before I could reply.

I stared at the door for a moment, my throat working hard against the pain that seemed to tighten around it.  Anger?  Sorrow?  I didn’t know which it was but I didn’t like the emotion at all.  I wanted to give her a piece of my mind, I wanted to let her know exactly how wrong she was and maybe even tell her that I never would have slept with her if my father hadn’t wanted me to.

Fuck, was that ever pathetic.

The next thing I knew I was quickly throwing on my shirt and shoes and heading out of the penthouse and into the elevator.

When I stepped outside, I noticed an ever-growing crowd gathered on the sidewalk, staring out into the street, fingers pointing, voices babbling back and forth “I saw it happen”, “I can’t believe it”, “The drivers in this city need to slow down!”.  Frowning, I glanced around, looking up and down the sidewalk in an attempt to locate Emily.  That was when I saw the doorman, Evans, hurrying towards me. 

“Mr.  Luthor!”  He gasped, his portly figure heaving as if he had just exercised a good deal or suffered a great upset.  “I was just about to call you.  That young woman you brought back with you last night – “ 

I was already moving away from him, pushing through the packed crowd toward the street, my dread growing with every step.  I could still see the anger in Emily’s eyes, the hurt and disappointment.  The blatant loss of innocence.  She’ll get over it, I had thought.  Someday she’ll thank me for opening her eyes, for ridding her of that damnable naivety.   

There would be no someday.  Emily’s broken and unmoving form lay in the street, partially beneath the bumper of a Lexus.   

How ironic... 

you say it's all about
forgiveness now...
well you can grovel if you'd like
but turn around,
do you hear that sound
that's integrity gone aground now
in the name of sacrifice

Present Day 

My father owns thousands of acres of prime farmland in California.  It lay fallow as it has for the past four years.  The area is still staggering under the economic upheaval his acquisition caused when it became understood that he planned on doing nothing to it.  He told the papers it was a ‘memorial’.  Yeah, sure dad.  Whatever makes us Luthor’s sleep better at night. 

So, there’s your lesson for the day.  Impressed?  Has your opinion of me changed any?  That’s only the beginning.  There’s more where that came from, but you should get going.  You have chores to do, and it’s getting late. 

What?  No, I wasn’t driving the car that hit Emily.  I know that.  But the simple truth of the matter is, I put her there.  I may as well have laid her out beneath the car myself.  My virgin sacrifice. 

Did I cry?...   

What do you think, Clark?


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